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    Cramp911 - Roll-On Muscle Relaxing Lotion - 4.5 ML

Cramp911 - Roll-On Muscle Relaxing Lotion - 4.5 ML

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Cramp911 is a fast acting cramp remedy specially forumulated to relieve muscle cramps and spasms in 15 to 30 seconds. Developed by pharmacist Keith DelPrete, Cramp911 can also be used to prevent leg cramps.


Cramp911 is a fast acting cramp remedy specially forumulated to relieve muscle cramps and spasms in 15 to 30 seconds. Developed by pharmacist Keith DelPrete, Cramp911 can also be used to prevent leg cramps.

- Safe & Effective
- Lasts up to 8 Hours
- Relief in a little as 15 seconds
- Works on people of all ages
- Prevents leg cramps
- Used by Athletes

Cramp911 is a one-of-a-kind muscle relaxer that quickly stops muscle cramps and spasms for up to 8 hours. Effective on people of all ages, Cramp911 not only relieves back and neck pain caused by muscle spasms, but it also works on toe, foot, let, and hand cramps.


Magnesia Sulfate 6X H.P.U.S, Cuprum Metallicum 6X H.P.U.S.  Cramp911 is a homeopathic formulation. Homeopathic drug strength is indicated by a number followed by an “X” which stands for a dilution strength of the active ingredient.    


FAQs (Courtesy of CRAMP911.com)

Does Cramp911 really work?
Cramp911 muscle relaxing lotion is the product of over 10 years of work with patients, athletes, and trainers. It has been found to relieve a muscle cramp in as little as 15 seconds after application. There is no other product on the market that works as fast or as completely.  Cramp911 has been reported to be relieve leg cramps, back and neck spasms, hand, foot and toe cramps.  People with Fibromyalgia have reported up to 8 hours of relief from muscle spasms.  It has also been found useful for muscle cramps caused by medications.  Other uses have been for muscle soreness and muscle injury.  An Independent survey found a 96% satisfaction rating performed by an independent survey company. See testimonials for more information.

How fast does Cramp911 work?
Cramp911 has been found to relieve a muscle cramp in as little as 15 seconds after application. Once common scenario is that of a football running back that suffered from a leg cramp and was removed from the game. The next series of plays the same player appeared back in the game and was never removed for the duration of the game due to a return of the leg cramp. This observation has been noted in countless occasions with similar as well as other types of activities.     

How long does Cramp911 remain effective?
It has been observed that for many people one treatment will last up to eight hours or longer. Cramp911 will relieve a leg cramp or muscle cramp for the duration of a sporting event. If another application is necessary, the application can be repeated one time every 15 minutes. For people with non-sport related spasms it is recommended that the product should not be re-applied more often then every 4 hours.    

How should Cramp911 be applied?
Cramp911 should be applied directly to the muscle cramp or spasm zone and spread out over the entire muscle. Only a small amount is necessary for results.  Cramp911 can be applied during a muscle cramp for relief, and can also be applied to prevent a muscle cramp. There are many people, including athletes, who suffer from nightly leg cramps who apply Cramp911 at bedtime to prevent the onset of a cramp.

What has Cramp911 been used for?
Cramp911 has many uses that include the treatment of muscle cramps and spasms. pulled or tight muscles, fibromyalgia pain, multiple sclerosis spasms, toe cramps, foot cramps, and hand cramps, back and neck spasms (headaches resulting from neck tension) and muscle cramp prevention. It has also been found to prevent muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise.  Cramp911 is a remedy caused by many types of conditions including drug side effects, dialysis patients, muscle cramps and spasms from Parkinson's tremors or any type of muscle spasm condition.  See testimonials for more information.       

How does Cramp911 help athletes?
Cramp911 has been found to be very effective for athletes. When a muscle cramp occurs an athlete is usually removed from the event and treated. The different methods used today require the athlete to be out of play for an extended period of time. Many times the muscle cramp reappears and the athlete must be removed from play again. With a treatment of Cramp911,  within minutes of application the athlete is back in play and will not have the muscle cramp reappear. The benefit is obvious in that key players can maintain their top level of performance and prevent further muscle injury from the muscle spasm.  Application before an event to prevent a cramp or spasm has been found to be effective as well. Under extreme conditions a treatment of Cramp911 will last 3 to 4 hours wither after application or to prevent the onset of a leg cramp. Cramp911 has also been found to be useful if applied before or after exercise to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.   See Instructions for Use for special directions for Athletes.  

Are there special directions for athletes?
To increase the effectiveness when treating a muscle cramp or spasm, it may be necessary to wipe as much perspiration off the area as possible prior to application.  It is also important that after CRAMP911 is applied it should be spread over the ENTIRE muscle area, not just the cramping area.  Cramp911 can be used to prevent muscle or leg cramps or to treat the muscle cramp after it has occurred.  

How does Cramp911 help Senior Citizens?
Cramp911 has been life changing for many older people. Many people have night leg cramps that disrupt their sleep thereby causing them to be tired their next day. It has been found that after application of Cramp911 that cramps disappear in as soon as 15 seconds. It has also been reported that application at bedtime prevents night leg cramps.  Cramp911 has been beneficial to people suffering from muscle cramps or spasms while walking or applying before the walk to prevent the leg cramp. The onset of a cramp or spasm, while pursuing an activity, prevents an older person from having the ability to remain active, productive and happy.   

How are active duty military personal affected?
The military routinely face extreme hot and cold environment conditions with physical exertion. There are approximately 1.4 million military personal on active duty. Military personnel are considered “casualties” if they are not able to perform their function as part of their unit. In extreme conditions, military personnel witness muscle cramping, and this can be catastrophic to the combat readiness of a unit. A topical muscle cramp remedy can be carried by each military person as part of their first aid kit.

What other conditions may be helped?
Back Spasms,  Neck Spasms or Tightness:
Muscle spasm and tightness can generally be relieved with the use of Cramp911. Lower back pain affects four out of five Americans at some time during their lives (ref. Web MD). The application of Cramp911 to the troubled area has been reported to relieve from neck, back, and other muscle spasms.

Patients with fibromyalgia suffer from chronic muscle pain due to a constant muscle cramps. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, there are approximately 3.7 million people that suffer with fibromyalgia. Cramp911 has been found to be useful in treating the muscle spasm pain of fibromyalgia. Simply apply to the entire muscle area and spread out.

Multiple Sclerosis:
Many patients with Multiple Sclerosis suffer from muscle cramps and spasms. Until now, enduring the pain was just part of the condition. Topical application for muscle cramps or muscle spasms has been found to give relief of muscle spasms for up to four to five hours.

Are there special directions for certain conditions I should know about?
See "DETAILED DIRECTIONS" for neck spasms, foot cramps, toe cramps, and hand cramps, and pulled or tight muscles and muscle related injuries
Does Cramp911 react with medication?
Cramp911 does not interact with prescription or over the counter medication.  

What are the possible side effects of Cramp911?
There are no known side effects to Cramp911. Stop use and seek medical advice if an allergic reaction occurs.

Does Cramp911 have a smell or odor?
There is a faint smell which neither lingers nor offends.     

What is Homeopathy?
The term “homeopathy” is derived from the Greek word homeo (similar) and pathos (suffering or disease). The first basic principles of homeopathy were formulated by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s. The practice of homeopathy is based on the belief that disease symptoms can be cured by small doses of substances which produce similar symptoms in healthy people.
The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act officially recognizes the drugs and standards in the Homeopathic Pharmacopea of the United States (HPUS) and its supplements.

Homeopathy uses the therapeutic effects of substances by attenuating their toxicity through the use of very small doses right until the “infinitesimal” level. Experience has shown that, in spite of the very high dilution of the active ingredient, the therapeutic effects remains. Although progress is made every day, the state of science still does not allow us to account for the mode of action of infinitesimal dilutions.

Homeopathy confirms that substances diluted beyond the known limits of matter* possess the detectable, measurable, reproducible and specific biological or physical activity of the diluted substance even when there is no trace of the substance. A great many hypotheses have been put forward to check this postulate. However, the infinitesimal remains a scientific challenge.     

Can Cramp911 be used for children?
Cramp911 is very safe but it is recommended that you ask a doctor for children under the age of 12.   

Can Cramp911 be used if I am pregnant?
Cramp911 is not recommended unless a doctor is consulted.

Will swimming wash off Cramp911?
If cramping is a problem while swimming, it is recommended that Cramp911 be applied 10 to 15 minutes prior to activity to prevent muscle cramps.     

Will Cramp911 stain my clothes?
Cramp911 washes of with water and will not stain clothes.

Must gloves be worn when applying Cramp911?
It is not necessary to wear gloves when applying Cramp911.     

Does Cramp911 cause allergic reactions?
The use of Cramp911 is cautioned when a person is allergic to soy or eggs.

Does Cramp911 have nut ingredients?
NO. Cramp911 may look like an oil but it is NOT and does not have any nut ingredients.

Can I share my Cramp911 with others?
It is not recommended that you share your Cramp911.

Can diabetics use Cramp911?
It is recommended for a person who suffers from diabetes to consult their physician due to the serious nature of the disease. A physician will be able to determine if a patient is suffering from a cramp, has an existing circulation problem or has any other complications that may have resulted from the disease. If the doctor clears the patient then it would be fine to use Cramp911 for leg and muscle cramps.

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